Global Grants


Future Vision – Global Grants

The Rotary Foundation commenced operating under the Future Vision program from 1 July 2013. What it did was to clarify the break-up of funds raised into the funds available. It also simplified the method of applying for Grants.

To illustrate:

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Watch this How the Money Works video for a local perspective at

A Global grant is matched dollar for dollar for a minimum $ 30 000, meaning that $ 15 000 has come from the World Fund, for a project overseas, including Timor L’Este.

Application Form

The Application for a Global Grant is available online through the My Rotary section of the website at any time. Once completed, the Application is lodged with the Rotary Foundation in Evanston, reviewed and assessed, then approved, with the money being paid straight into a nominated bank account for use on the project.


All Rotary Foundation grants require the highest attention to stewardship. Progress reports must be submitted at least every 12 months for the life of a project. A final report is due two months after full expenditure of the funds used in the Grant.

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Future Vision – District Grants

As was seen in the Global Grants page, half the money raised three years ago, becomes available to the District. The other half goes to the World Fund. One quarter of the money raised is available for District Grants

In Global Grants, there are six Areas of Focus that funds are allocated to, as set out below:

Global Grants area of focus

Whereas in District Grants, money can be spent on a broader range of needs in the community, although many seem to fit into these six areas.

In the past three years, the total amount available to clubs in District 9550 has increased because the total amount of funds raised has increased.

Applications by Clubs

Because the District Committee applies for the Grant, we need to get the application into the Rotary Foundation early each year. Learning from experience, we’ve found the earlier a club applies for a grant, the earlier the District can lodge the application, and the earlier the clubs will have the money.

We call  for Clubs to lodge their proposals after the District Conference, up until 30 June each year, for the following year.

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