Our District Governor

District Governor Mike Woods and wife Maxine

District Governor Mike Woods and wife Maxine


Mike was born in Rockhampton in 1961 , and moved to Cairns in 1974 with his parents. He finished grade 10 at St Augustine’s College in 1976 and started his working life at that time.  Mike married Maxine in 1981 and after 14 years in the Security Industry, they moved to Rockhampton to join Mike’s Dad in his second-hand furniture business. The arrival of twin boys Justin & Nicholas in 1993 kept Mike & Maxine busy for a while, but Dad was keen to retire, so they sold the business & moved back to Cairns.

They started a new business in Cairns selling second-hand office furniture in a small shop, in McLeods St .  As time went on they moved into  more & more new office furniture & very rarely do they sell second-hand furniture any more.

Their new business required insurance & Graham Koch looked after that for them, and on one of his visits asked Mike if he would like to come along to a Rotary breakfast.  Mike joined Cairns Sunrise in 1994 and was President in 2000 after being Treasurer for 3 years. He was AG for Group 5 for 3 years and enjoyed that experience where he got to spend time with Rotarians from other clubs & have closer contact with the DGs and District chairs & leaders.

Mike has been involved with the Club Vision Team & was on the first Master Prls team to complete the training  – “I see the real benefit of committing time to help training our Rotarians”.

Mike & Maxine’s love of Travel has enabled them to attend 2 World Conferences , in Chicago for the 100 Year celebrations and in Montréal on 2010 where they experienced wonderful people within the Rotary Community.  They feel them have been lucky to have worked on 3 of the Cairns conference committees.

The role of District Leaders is to support Rotary clubs by helping them to be more effective. Mike is very grateful to be given the opportunity to be District Governor.