RAWCS (Rotary Australia World Community Service)

Rotary Australia World Community Service Ltd (RAWCS) is the Australian arm of Rotary International that assists Rotary Clubs with the development and management of international community service projects.
Whether it’s projects to help rebuild in the aftermath of disaster, programs to bring education to countries where illiteracy stifles development or bringing health care and medical aid to those who can least access it, RAWCS so often has a hand in helping the world stand on its feet.
RAWCS supports Rotary Clubs in sending teams of volunteers to developing countries to provide assistance upon the development of much needed facilities, especially within the health and education areas.
For administrative and co-ordination purposes RAWCS in Australia is split into 5 Regions.  District 9550 is part of RAWCS Northern Region.  Information about the Region and activities can be found at  (link to http://www.rawcs.com.au/aboutRAWCS_northern.htm).

The district RAWCS  chair is Phil Dempster, 0402 253 673, RawcsChair@d9550rotary.org.au

Please consider Donations in Kind DIK to the Brisbane Depot

Click here for more general information about RAWCS in Australia (link to www.racws.com.au)

RAWCS In District 9550

There are a number of RAWCS Projects managed through District 9550.  In particular see the associated page for ongoing work in East Timor.  Projects are assisting communities within Australia and Overseas.  Volunteers and resources are always appreciated.    Please consider supporting a District 9550 RAWCS Project.