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R.Y.P.E.N (Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment) is a Rotary program for teens that’s main focus is introducing life skills and fundamental concepts that will start kids thinking about the transition that they will be making from kids to young adults, forming their own values and moral standards, and broadening the horizons culturally, socially and academically.
Run over a weekend, RYPEN is supervised by Rotary Club members. The program is delivered by an experienced group of volunteer facilitators, past attendees and Rotarians. The program is designed to create a caring and fun atmosphere where attendees agree to abide by the RYPEN core values; respect, tolerance, responsibility, commitment and contribution, honesty integrity, fairness and justice in order to get the most for themselves out of the weekend.
In our communities we have a diverse mixture of people and RYPEN is no different. Unlike other Rotary youth programs our participants come from varying backgrounds with different life, peer, home, academic and cultural experiences something of which we know benefits the participants. The only thing we ask is the participants are between the ages of 14 – 17.
RYPEN in District 9550 has been running for the last 23 years. The program today has evolved from the very early days to something we know that gets results – teens talking and thinking about themselves and how they interact with family, friends, teachers, colleagues, communities and the world.

RYPEN camps are generally held twice a year around April and October.

OCTOBER 2011 Testimonials…

“As a result of RYPEN I think I will become more involved in my community and motivated to take on more opportunities at school.”
“I have a new outlook on life. Thank you to everyone involved, I had the best time!”
“Awesome, great experience. I wish I could come back again.”
“The leaders were great and I loved the way everybody supported each other.. It was soooo good, thank you!!”
“Epic!!! Really good experience, life changing, loved it!”
“I think now I’ve realised how important values are to me such as respect, trust and courage +++. I believe in myself.”

“I will be more confident in myself and tell myself I CAN DO IT!!”

Next Camp

The next camp is in April 2014. Nominations will be open February 2014 and need to completed by 21st April 2014.

There is a planned camp for Later in 2014

Below you will find the letters a Rotary club can send to the school and the nomination form.
For more information please call or contact

Chair: Merewyn Wright.
Email: RYPEN@d9550rotary.org.au
Phone: 0419 723 986

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We thank the Rotary Clubs in District 9550 for their continued support.

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