Timor Leste Project Co-ordination – District Liaison

The Rotary Club of Dili &  Dili Lafaek in Timor Leste, are 2 Dynamic International Clubs that are part of District 9550,  with a great number of projects underway often with the assistance of RAWCS or visiting Rotary clubs on the ground.

They  welcome projects from Clubs throughout Australia & the World, but  however request Rotarians to make contact with the Club members in Timor Leste to ensure compliance with local resources and co-ordination with Government Services as necessary.

Project Manager in Dili

RAWCS Rotary Timor Leste Liaison Officers in Dili are Judite & Mario at the “Rotarians Helping Timor” office who provide experience and local knowledge support for visiting Rotarians. There are potentially a large number of projects available in Timor Leste and indeed a very great number of projects offered up by clubs from Australia and around the world. Email the Secretary of Dili Club;  Secretarydilli@d9550rotary.org.au

To all DG’s, Club Presidents, Secretaries and International and RAWCS Directors,

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is John Palamountain, a 20 year member of the Rotary Club of Darwin, the charter club for the RC of Dili. I am a Past Assistant Governor, Past President and current Secretary of my club.

One of my current District 9550 roles is that of Timor-Leste Project Coordination Liaison Officer. 

My role is to make sure that our district is aware of any initiatives being undertaken in Timor-Leste, and that contact has been made with the appropriate people in Dili to ensure that liaison has been established.

John Palamountain                      

Rotary – Secretary, Rotary Club of Darwin 2018-21

Timor-Leste Project Coordination Liaison Officer 

Timor-Leste Project Fair Secretary

E:  jpalamountain@hotmail.com   M: 0438 561 949


One of the outstanding Projects in Timor Leste is the – Farol Kindergarten

TL Farol Kindergarten

Support for the development of kindergartens in Timor Leste is a major priority for the education system within the country. A number of kindergarten projects are underway or in the pipeline and there was strong desire expressed by District Conference delegates to support these projects.


To this end, the Timor Leste Kindergarten Development Program has been registered by the Rotary Club of Dili as RAWCS Project 66 – 2012 – 13 , with funds donated to be expended as determined by Rotary Timor Leste Liaison Officer Daryl Mills and the Rotary Club of Dili to meet the specific priorities and requirements at any particular time.

Daryl Mills and Jeff Crofts


Daryl Mills and Jeff Crofts on site

Village Water supply projects, Toilet blocks and Kitchens in schools are popular projects









School Books MUST be in accord with the local sylabus.








School room refurbishment and new toilet block, Fatuhada






Among the initial kindergarten projects to be supported under this fund will be the restoration of the ruined Palapaso kindergarten in Dili to operate as a training kindergarten, with a projected budget requirement of $90,000 to $100 000.


DAtarema Suspension Bridge


International Clubs have made a contribution for example the Datarema Suspension Bridge completed by Boulder Valley Rotary Club of D5450, USA at Alieu on the plateau above Dili on the road to Maubisse.


Datarema Suspension Bridge