YEP – Student Reports & Travel Forms


All hosted and sponsored students are required to complete monthly reports which are forwarded to their respective Area Coordinators on the D9550 YEP Committee.

The reports are to be completed in time to reach the Area Coordinator no later than the second Thursday of each month and cover the previous month’s activity and what is planned for the coming month(s).

These Reports are confidential between Students and the District Committee and you should provide explanatory detail in them as well as simply responding to all the questions. You will receive the format as an MSWord document which can be saved on your own personal disks or be kept in your Inbox.

The following routine may be useful to consider and adapt to meet your needs etc. Open the report format, complete the report, save it under a new name for each month (e.g. sarah_ozrep_feb06.doc) and email it to your Area Coordinator as an attachment. Ensure you keep a copy on your own personal disk or in your Email Sent mailbox.

Please ensure that you complete each part in full. You may have to find out some information and you should always elaborate on the various questions. If for any reason you cannot, or won’t have weekly email access for a period of time, ensure you let us know and remember that postal and fax services still exist! Ensure that your report includes your current postal address and telephone number.

Click here to download a copy of the Monthly Report Form: Student Monthly Report

Travel in Australia

Inbound student to Australia being hosted by Clubs in D9550 will receive invitations to travel and go on trips with a family other than your host family. Before accepting their offer, you must obtain permission from your Counsellor and your host family. The Counsellor signs the form on behalf of the Host Club.

If a trip or tour with your host or other family requires that you leave the District then you must also obtain permission from your natural parents and also your school if travelling during a school term. These approvals must be verified by your District Area Coordinator. You may not go on a trip with anyone who is not approved by your Counsellor.

Click here to download a copy of the Student Travel Approval Form: Student Travel Approval Form